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Papers by N.  V.  Pope:

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31. 2001. ‘Umbala: A Polemic Against Jargon Addiction in Modern Science’, Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Meeting of the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, ed. Arleta Griffor, pub. by ANPA. [PDF 64Kb]

Papers by N. V. Pope and A. D. Osborne

1. 1987 ‘A New Approach to Special Relativity’ (with A.D. Osborne). International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 191-198

2. 1990 ‘Instantaneous Relativistic Action-at-a-Distance’ (with A.D. Osborne). Proceedings of the 2nd BSPS conference: Physical Interpretations of Relativity (PIRT) pp. 460-488.

. 1992 ‘Relativity and Realism’ (with A.D. Osborne). Proceedings of the 3rd BSPS conference: PIRT, pp. 281-287.

4. 1992 ‘The Action-at-a-Distance Spectrum’ (with A.D. Osborne). Proceedings of the 3rd BSPS conference: PIRT pp. 253-280

5. 1992 ‘Instantaneous Relativistic Action-at-a-Distance’ (with A.D Osborne). Physics Essays, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 409-421.
[PDF 1.36Mb]

6. 1995 ‘Instantaneous Gravitational and Inertial Action-at-a-Distance’ (with A.D. Osborne). Physics Essays, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 384-397. [PDF 281Kb]

Papers by A.D. Osborne and N. V. Pope

1. Osborne , A. D. and Pope, N. V., ‘An Angular Momentum Synthesis of “Gravitational” and “Electrostatic” Forces’, Galilean Electrodynamics, Vol 14, Special Issue 1, Spring 2003, pp. 9 – 19. [PDF 199Kb].

2. ‘Osborne , A. D. and Pope, N. V., ‘A Neo-phenomenalist Alternative to Special Relativity’, [PDF 68Kb].

3. Osborne , A. D. and Pope, N. V., ‘Orbital Time Dilation’, Galilean Electrodynamics  [PDF 136Kb].

Talk Transcripts

1. ANPA 2002 – Prospects of a Resurgence of Commonsense Realism in Modern Physics – (ANPA_2002_talk_transcript.pdf) [PDF 30.9Kb]

2. PIRT 2002 – Intimations of a New Aufklärung in Modern Physics – (PIRT_2002_talk_transcript.pdf) [PDF 32.5Kb]

3. PIRT 2000 – ‘Too Many Theories, Too Few Syntheses’ [PDF 39.2Kb]

4. Natural Philosophy Association (NPA) 2000 – ‘The Angular Momentum “Ether”‘ [PDF 76Kb]

5. UWE Workshop on Phenomenalism, September 2005 – Osborne A.D. A Neo-phenomenalistics Approach to Relativity & Physics at the Quantum Level [PDF 72Kb]

6. ANPA 2006 – A Truly Alternative Natural Philosophy [PDF 44Kb]

7. Usk Astronomical Society, October 2006 – The Big Bang [PDF 2.4Mb]


1. October 29th 2003 – Do Identical Clocks Tick Everywhere Simultaneously? [.doc 38.9Kb] Galilean Electrodynamics 2005

2. September 5th 2003 – Nature: Machine or Hologram?

3. November 2007 – The Photon Fiasco [.pdf 16 Kb]

4. Phenomenalism – Answer to a critic [.pdf 24  Kb]

5. Normal Realism – The Modern Recipient of the Machian Legacy [.pdf 24Kb]

6. My Most Dangerous Idea [.pdf 12 Kb]

7. Mirrors and Things or Is Man the measure of everything? [.pdf 40Kb]

8. An Hour in the Life of the Universe [.pdf 12Kb]

9. Faster than Radar [.pdf 72Kb]

10. The Mach’s Paradigm Forum [.pdf 36Kb]

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